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  Fieldbus systems in machine engineering
The Dutch company CSI has decided to opt for piconet PROFIBUS-DP I/O modules. CSI is a middle-sized Netherlands-based company that offers palletting, transport and robotic packaging systems to manufacturers of consumer goods.

Great importance is attached to flexibility, reliability, user-friendliness and fast trouble-shooting and diagnostics. As a company that takes pride in innovation and in reacting quickly and flexibly to market needs while facing ever growing competition, CSI has decided to apply and standardise novel electric and electronic components which account for 45% of the costs involved in the field of product handling.

A good example of the company's innovative approach is that CSI's palleting systems work with industrial PCs as the controlling unit. Thus faster response times are achieved and many standardised interfaces, such as Ethernet, may be employed. The required field devices are connected via PROFIBUS-DP. Simple components, such as binary and analogue sensors or actuators, which hardly justify the expenses of an own separate fieldbus interface, are connected via the piconetÒ I/O modules...

Walter Hein, Product Management Linear
Position, Rotary Position Sensors and
Identification Systems Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG.

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